About Us

Why buy 4 Girls Party Supplies Huntsville, AL Madison, AL, Athens, AL?  Be your own party guest, let us handle the stress!  Have you ever worked in a career for years, loved that career, but wanted a little more?  Maybe you did a great job in that business, and maybe you were even successful?  You then wake up and decide you just need more fun, and want to turn your favorite hobby into a business.  Yes, creating a beautiful event makes you feel like you've accomplished something.  That isn't all!  It is truly about the memories the party creates.  The smile on the birthday girl's face when she sees a cake coming toward her, lit up with lots of candles, and everyone singing.  In that moment, she feels loved by everyone around her.  It is about the little boy at school who doesn't get much attention, or doesn't feel noticed.  When he invites everyone in his class to his birthday party, he feels liked whenever they show up.  It is about the girl who didn't date for years, has never had the spotlight, then finds a partner to marry, and gets to feel like Cinderella when she sees her beautiful wedding.  That is what 4 Girls Party Supplies is all about! 

We will help you create a perfect decorated event, that becomes a beautiful memory.

At this time, 4 Girls Party Supplies is a family owned business.  We will be growing our staff over the next year, as the business takes off.  

Our Staff:

Andrea Jones, Owner